ISACA Sydney Chapter Professional Development Webinar

Sep 16, 2020 05:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney


5:00pm – 5:05 pm | Join web meeting and registration – ZOOM Quickstart Guide.

5:05pm – 5:10pm | Brief Introduction to Recorded Future – Duncan Thomas

5:10pm – 5:55pm | Hunting Nation-State APTs – “Martin”

5:55pm – 6:30pm | AI, ML and the New Frontier of Cyber Attacks – Chirag Joshi

In this September PD’s first session (proudly sponsored by Recorded Future) we will be delving into the world of hunting and tracking “RedDelta” – a little known threat group targeting The Vatican and the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. “Martin”, an Insikt Group researcher, will be discussing the methods he used to hunt and discover “RedDelta” activities, including tracking malware-variants and command-and-control infrastructure relating to this state-sponsored threat group.

In our second session, Chirag will be presenting on an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on how they’re connected and how they are linked with cyber threats that use AI as well as those that attack AI applications. He will also be covering real-world incidents and events, and also defensive mechanism which can aid in such cyber-attacks.


Event Recording: Addressing the elephant in the room – Does my cyber program really work?

Demystifying Data Science in cyber security

Wednesday 23rd September 2020 @ 12:30 pm


This Webinar will explain data science principles and framework in cyber analytics. Data scientist, data/security analyst who are interested in principles and framework of how to marry data science to the cyber security space will be target audience. Senior management who are looking for any myths to avoid when they bring data science capability into cyber security are also the target audience.


This Webinar WILL NOT be recorded or slides published afterwards so ISACA Melbourne members must attend if they wish to view content.


 Annie Yu, Ph.D., is a data scientist specialised in Big Data Analytics, Advanced Cyber Analytics, and Competitive Intelligence. She has been delivering reusable analytics product and models by discovering patterns from unstructured complex datasets at scale. Her experience in modelling and visualization with deep leaning, machine learning, network analysis, and text mining approaches has been demonstrated by industrial/academia experience, and a number of research papers, conference presentations, and projects over past 10+ years. She’s currently volunteering under ‘STEM Professionals in Schools (CSIRO)’ program to inspire and assist younger generations who are interested in computational thinking and coding electives.

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