This Cybersecurity Awareness Month—Check Out These Invaluable Resources to Help Secure Your Enterprise and Career

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month—Check Out These Invaluable Resources to Help Secure Your Enterprise and Career

With the arrival of October and Cybersecurity Awareness Month around the world, enterprises, business and IT practitioners renew their focus on keeping both organizations and individuals safe from the ever-growing cybersecurity threat.As a global non-profit association committed to helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology, ISACA® is here to help professionals like you grow your knowledge of both the threats that are out there and solutions for mitigating them. Through our Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Cybersecurity Resource Center, we can connect you to invaluable tools, learning and options for making the future more secure for you and your enterprise.

Check out and bookmark our free, online Cybersecurity Resource Center to find:

Cybersecurity news, webinars, podcasts and upcoming industry events—plus sign up for our free, monthly cybersecurity newsletter, The Nexus. Publications, white papers, and research—including results and insights from our annual State of Cybersecurity survey.Training options for those with any level of experience—for you as an individual, or corporate/group access. Information on our knowledge- and skills-affirming certificates and the globally recognized CSX® Cybersecurity Practitioner (CSX-P) certification—and prep options for obtaining them

ISACA CommunITy Day



ISACA is gearing up for its first-ever worldwide day of volunteerism, ISACA CommunITy Day, taking place on 5 October 2019.   Using a live social media feed and #ISACACommunITyDay, members, staff and other engaged community members around the world will track local service projects making a difference in their communities around the world within this 24-hour period from New Zealand to Hawaii.

ISACA CommunITy day is an opportunity for our member base to come together with a defined purpose and objective to have positive impact on the broader community.

ISACA Melbourne Chapter will be hosting a Blood Donation Drive partnering with Australian Red Cross Blood Service.


Every blood donation will help save three lives.  One-third of blood donations will help treat people with cancer.   Every day, thousands of Australians receive life-saving blood donations, yet many people don’t realise just how precious blood is.  Donated blood lasts just 42 days.  With winter colds and flu on their way and preventing regular donors from giving, we request our members to help make a difference by becoming a blood donor today.

This event is aimed at bringing together not just members, but their families and friends as an extended ISACA Melbourne family. Help ISACA make the world a better place during #ISACACommunITyDay on 5 October

Before booking please check your eligibility via the quick online quiz.

To save time, first time donors need to review the Introduction to Blood Donation brochure and complete the Enrolment Form and submit it online.

Please ensure to confirm your submission to Australian Red Cross by 15 September 2019 by quoting “RED25” and “ISACA Melbourne”.

Venue:  Australian Red Cross, Melbourne CBD Blood Donor Centre, Level 1, 367 Collins St, MELBOURNE, VIC 3000

Contact Phone:  13 14 95

Time slots available are:

Time Whole Blood Plasma
08.30 AM 2 1
08.45 AM 3 0
09.15 AM 2 1
09.30 AM 2 1
01.00 PM 2 1
01.15 PM 3 0
02.00 PM 3 1
02.15 PM 2 0
03.00 PM 2 1
03.15 PM 3 0


Please call Australian Red Cross on 13 14 95 and book your appointment as per the above time slots available.  Please quote “RED25” and “ISACA Melbourne” in your conversations with Red Cross. If you wish to donate blood and not available on the above date and times, please call Australian Red Cross and book an appointment for any other dates available as per your convenience.   Please quote “RED25” and “ISACA Melbourne” in your conversations with Red Cross.

ISACA will provide t-shirts to all participants.  See T-shirt size chart.

ISACA is using an online tool (called Helper Helper) to assist with scheduling the activities and sign up process.  Helper Helper is a tool ISACA has contracted specifically for ISACA CommunITy Day.  We require that all activities, sign-ups, and attendance be tracked through the tool so ISACA can track the larger impact ISACA is making around the world.   The tool allows us to pull data on the types of activities, number of chapters, number of people, locations, etc.    All participants will provided with this tool


Cyber Incident Response: Case Studies

Event Date / Time: 09th July 2019 – 5:30pm to 8:00pm (AEST)


Part 1: International Scenario


By understanding the threats, one can manage risk effectively.

In Cyber the threats are real, the attackers motivated.  Something needs to stands between them and your organization’s data:  you and your security teams, with the insight, perspective, and tools to take action.  Join Verizon Australia share insights from the Data Breach Investigations Report 2019.


Part 2: Victorian Case Study


There are only three things certain in life: death, taxes and cyber incidents.  Cyber incidents are inevitable for all organisations that rely on digital systems and services. This session will discuss the creation of the Victorian Government Cyber Incident Response Service to support government in reducing the scope impact and severity of cyber incidents. Since its establishment in July 2018, the service has responded to more than 250 cyber incidents involving government organisations, including several major data breaches with state-wide and national implications.  The session will feature practical case studies to highlight the modern realities and challenges of managing major cyber incidents.


CPE Hours

1.5 hours, based on the assumption you have signed the attendance sheet when attending


Registration and Admittance

  • Due to our sponsoring partner’s facilities, access requirements and for catering purposes, we request that you register for this event to ensure you are able to attend.
  • Registration to this session is open and free of charge to all current and prospective ISACA members.
  • If you registering please do attend, this is very important for the Chapter and the Sponsors.
  • A registration door prize will be drawn from the list of duly registered attendees



  • 5.30pm – Registration and session sign-in – required to receive applicable CPE credits
  • 6:00pm – START – Welcome, Introductions, Agenda
  • 6:05pm – Monthly PD Session, Questions & Answers
  • 6:50pm – The Soapbox – Chapter Updates, Announcements and Issues of interest to members
  • 7:00pm – 15min Topic presentation
  • 7:15pm – Networking opportunity – drinks and finger food to be served
  • 8.00pm – Event Ends

About the Speaker

David Cullen


David Cullen is the Principal Advisor on Cyber Incidents and Emergency Management at Victoria’s Department of Premier and Cabinet, where he leads Victoria’s response to major cyber incidents via the Victorian Government Cyber Incident Response Service, which he launched in July 2018. David has a background in law enforcement and national security intelligence and holds a Masters of Public Policy and Management.