Vital Advisory – DIY ISO27001

Vital Advisory has scheduled a DIY ISO 27001 Implementation Workshop series, and I ask if the Melbourne Chapter could publish details of these to your members. We are also circulating this to other regional Chapters to seek their support as well. We are pleased to offer special rates for all ISACA members @ 15% discount. 


ISO 27001 provides a robust and systematic approach to building information security.  However implementation can be a challenging exercise for any business. This workshop series provides a clear do-it-yourself path to an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System for any organisation.

Vital Advisory will offer both face-to-face workshops and live webinars where participants will learn how the components of ISO 27001 build an effective and unified approach to managing information security. We will explore how they can prepare the documentary, procedural and organisational elements of ISO 27001 to achieve certification while also potentially supporting the achievement of other business objectives.

These workshops are planned across three months so that participants can get information and support at every step in the process, as well as an opportunity to have their queries resolved by Vital Advisory.

It would be great if ISACA can assist us to promote these workshops and webinar series. 

Website link:

AWSN Cadet Volunteer Program

SheLeadsTech Melbourne and AWSN (Australian Women in Security Network) have agreed to form a partnership on their shared initiatives to support girls and women who are either starting or developing their careers in technology and information security.  SheLeadsTech Melbourne is supporting the AWSN Cadets Volunteer Program which aims to connectsupport and inspire female-identifying tertiary students and early career professionals.  Participants to the AWSN Cadets Program can either be a member Cadet or a volunteer Coach (Male coaches are also welcome!)  The member Cadets may benefit from this program from the networking events, practical workshops, one-on-one mentoring opportunities, leadership opportunities and if available, discounted or free tickets to security conferences/events and professional development opportunities.  The volunteer Coaches may also be benefitted from this program through networking with peers who also enjoy mentoring, public speaking opportunities, sharing security research and developing soft skills such as leadership skills and communication skills.


Details of the AWSN Cadets Volunteer Program are available in the AWSN website:

SheLeadsTech Melbourne


ISACA’s SheLeadsTech Melbourne and Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) have joined together to increase the representation of women in Technology Leadership roles and the tech workforce.

AWSN will be working with ISACA’s SheLeadsTech Program to establish:

More participation of women in tech roles,community representation, online discussion boards, library with materials, events sharing, cadetship program, speaking opportunities, webinar presentation, school visits, mentoring and access to world wide member community.


How to join:

ISACA SheLeadsTech Melbourne :

Here’s a link to give you more information:

Join AWSN Melbourne Chapter by emailing:

Join AWSN LinkedIn:

AWSN cadet program:

AWSN Team: