Integrated Assurance is poised to be the next level in terms of capability level for GRC.  Assurance is supposed to help see through the silos of an organisation, but what if internal Assurance providers are in silos and disjointed.

Integrated assurance helps drive a balanced focus across compliance + risk + quality (not just from the perspective of relationships between assurance providers).  In the speakers own experience, the issue most often seen is too strong an emphasis on Risk Management for example, on the assumption that Compliance will then just take care of itself if one is managing the risk controls effectively.

In the talk the audience is going to be looking at how getting everyone to align with an appropriate set of integrated controls will support compliance, risk and quality in a more balanced and pragmatic way.

Session Content Outline:

– The challenges facing business today

– Adopting an integrated approach to risk, compliance and quality

– Realising the benefits of integrated assurance


CPE Hours

1.5 hours, based on the assumption you have signed the attendance sheet when attending

Registration and Admittance

•           Due to our sponsoring partner’s facilities, access requirements and for catering purposes, we request that you register for this event to ensure you are able to attend.

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·         5.30pm – Registration and session sign-in – required to receive applicable CPE credits

·         6:00pm – START – Welcome, Introductions, Agenda

·         6:05pm – Monthly PD Session, Questions & Answers

·         6:50pm – The Soapbox – Chapter Updates, Announcements and Issues of interest to members

·         7.00pm – 15min Deck – drinks and finger food to be served

·         7.15pm – Networking opportunity

·         8.00pm – Event Ends



About the Speaker – Michael Nyhuis

Managing Director, Solisma

Professional background

Michael is one of Australia’s foremost experts on Integrated Assurance through the use of leading industry frameworks and standards. His extensive experience extends across a wide range of industry sectors throughout the Asia Pacific region, specialising in best practice programmes, integrated assurance and technology solutions. Over the last 10+ years, Michael has developed and commercialised Solisma’s Service Improvement Manager software service, providing risk, compliance and quality managers across the globe with the tools and capabilities needed to effectively deliver Integrated Assurance for the business.

  • 10 July 2018
    5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia