The security architecture working group (SAWG) is providing a platform for security architects in Melbourne to meet peers and exchange ideas to improve their security architecture delivery capabilities.

Meetings are organised by the ISACA Melbourne Chapter, the venue is sponsored by Deloitte Risk Advisory, and sessions are facilitated by Andreas Dannert, Research Director of the ISACA Melbourne Chapter and Enterprise Security Architect at nbn.

Attendees are encouraged to bring an open mind and willingness to share their experiences in order for everyone to get value out of these sessions.

Session Topic: The ROI of Security Architecture

More and more organisations are advertising for Security Architects and Enterprise Security Architects. Role descriptions for these positions are getting more specific and certifications like SABSA are requested by organisations seeking applicants. It appears that there is a greater demand for security architects and their outputs. But, what is the business value of a security architecture capability? What return on investment (ROI) does a good enterprise security architect can provide? Do organisations have to take a leap of faith when building up such a capability?

In this session we will discuss and share ideas around quantifying the business value of security architecture. How do we sell security architecture to an organisation and can hold ourselves, as security architects, accountable for the results? Are there any good metrics we can define to clearly demonstrate the business value of a security architecture? How does security architecture compare to other capabilities in an organisation? 

Please join us for a lively discussion, if this topic is of interest to you.

Chatham House Rules

All working group sessions are held under “Chatham House Rules“. Please be mindful of this when attending the meetings.

Meeting Details

  • The working group meeting will take place at the Deloitte office on 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Please come to level 10 reception, which can guide you to the allocated room.
  • The meeting will be start at 12pm sharp. Please make sure you arrive at the venue a few minutes prior, in order for the meeting to commence on time.
  • Registration for this session is essential and open to everyone. Ideally you will only attend if you are working in the Security Architecture space and are prepared to actively participate in these sessions. While we try to limit attendance to 20-30 people we might be able to accommodate up to 40.
  • 30 May 2018
    10:00 pm - 11:00 pm


550 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia