The security architecture working group (SAWG) is providing a platform for security architects in Melbourne to meet peers and exchange ideas to improve their security architecture delivery capabilities.

Meetings are organised by the ISACA Melbourne Chapter, the venue is sponsored by KPMG, and sessions are usually facilitated by Andreas Dannert, Research Director of the ISACA Melbourne Chapter and Enterprise Security Architect at nbn.

Attendees are encouraged to bring an open mind and willingness to share their experiences in order for everyone to get value out of these sessions.

Chatham House Rules

All working group sessions are held under “Chatham House Rules“. Please be mindful of this when attending the meetings.

Session Topic: Security Architecture for cloud based solutions

For our April 2019 session (held on 1st of May due to Easter) we will be looking at Security Architecture for cloud based solutions. Are solutions that utilise the cloud any different to non-cloud based ones from a security architecture perspective? What are the key considerations when utilising cloud services and defining a security architecture? What security risks and policies are relevant?

As usual, the session will be structured into two parts:

  1. A brief overview of the topic (~10-15min.).
  2. An open discussion that allows participants to share ideas and experiences with their peers in the industry.

Meeting Details

  • The working group meeting will take place at the KPMG office on 727 Collins  Street, Melbourne. Please come to level 36 reception, which can guide you to the allocated room.
  • The meeting will be start at 12pm sharp. Please make sure you arrive at the venue a few minutes prior, in order for the meeting to commence on time.
  • Registration for this session is essential and open to everyone. Ideally you will only attend if you are working in the Security Architecture space and are prepared to actively participate in these sessions. While we try to limit attendance to 15-20 people we might be able to accommodate up to 25.
  • SAWG March 2019
    1 May 2019
    10:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Tower 2, Collins Square, Level 36, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia